13.10.1992 Our Library in the old municipal building began to give the service later moved to the new building of the Municipality of Kalkan. Under the Municipal Building in the living room is one. About the Library staff is working 1. Staffing is daktilograf title. 1st year 2008 6 months according to data
Total of 4399 titles in our library are available.
Distribution of books by topic is as follows.

000-General 733

100-Philosophy and psychology 106

200-Religious 99

300-Social Sciences 578

400-Language and Linguistics 48

500-Natural Sciences and Mathematics 27

And 600-Applied Science and Technology 59

700-Arts 311

800-Literature and rhetoric 2006

900-Geography, History and Assistant disp. 432

TOTAL : 4399

I. Six months ?statisti?ide the reader is as follows:


Male Girl Male Female

1115 1085 834 795