The first known settlement in the history of the Lycian region, up from Antalya to Fethiye town to cover the state. Xanthos then the city center “Arna according to the Lycian language, with the name used today Kinik” truck.

Kalkan, has features typical of a Mediterranean town. Ugramamamis deteriorated nature, purified water, plenty of oxygen and air to become a pupil in tourism and the popularity is increasing day by day. Besides, today’s intense and distorted against housing inaasna are still resisting.
Antalya area Belek, Beldibi, Kemer and Side-Manavgat, Ege ‘de Bodrum, Kusadasi, Marmaris, such as tourism centers, the original structure of the shield and the environment, and the Aegean and Mediterranean features, the new move as an alternative to development.
Kalkan Turkey province is connected to a small town of Kas where is small luxury hotels in Kas is required if the population density in the period of tourism with the participation of foreign and domestic tourists to reach its zenith. Among the most important source of livelihood of the region, tourism, olive cultivation and the greenhouse is located. Recently tourism Rental Kalkan villas began to slide towards the system.